Ice banks, process water coolers and water towers

Ice banks

Ice banks are an important source of coolants in the industry. Ice is used to cool a variety of processes such as food production, brewing, pharmaceuticals and chemical production. Ice can also be used to cool machines and devices such as electrical transformers and computer servers.

Ice banks are also an important source  for cooling in shops, warehouses and other commercial premises. Ice can also be used to cool the air in various types of buildings, such as apartment buildings and offices.

Industrial ice banks are usually located close to production plants and are operated by automated ice storage and distribution systems.

Process water coolers

Process water coolers are devices, used to cool fluids in the production of metals, plastics, chemicals and other materials. These coolers work by cooling the liquid using water or another coolant.

Water towers

Water towers are water cooling devices used in cooling processes such as machine cooling, air cooling in buildings and manufacturing process cooling. Water towers work by cooling water, using a cooling medium such as water or coolant, which then transfers the heat to the processes where it is needed via fans and pipes and then via radiators or cooling plates.